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Starting a blog is rather daunting and the worry is always that there won't be enough to talk about. I have overcome that problem by having twins. I still spend a lot of time talking about music - usually film music and classical - and started a podcast soon after lockdown just to keep my brain active since every single concert I was due to produce in the next 18 months was cancelled (thanks Covid!). Under normal circumstances, losing all that work would have been a total nightmare. Financially it is anyway, but all that spare time would've killed me off. I like DOING things. Being out there, coming up with ideas, getting concerts going, making audiences happy. I've been doing it my whole life. But spare time is something that, in 2020, I can only dream about. Because at the very end of August 2019, our twin boys - Jack and Leo - arrived 8 weeks early and turned everything upside down. In a nice way, obviously* (*I am contractually obliged to say this). But at this stage in my life - I was a week away from my 48th birthday when they were born - the effect was like a tsunami (of poo): after the initial shock of its impending arrival, there was a slow rise in worry-levels, a sudden moment of oh-this-will-be-ok, and then BOOM. It has been incredible: fun, terrifying, knackering, joyous. We've been through a lot in a year, including life-threatening hospital visits, and they've spent more than half their lives in lockdown.

I look after the boys most of the week. This is not what we planned at all but Covid had other ideas. At least TOH (The Other Half) has a proper job and she's able to do it in the office at the bottom of our garden. The learning curve for me has been extreme; having had not the slightest interest in children before I am now in charge of two of them. I've learned so much.

So that's why this blog exists: to share stories and experiences and, hopefully, hear from others who are going through similar times. It can feel like You-Versus-The-World when you have twins; it's tough. But sharing experience with other twin parents has been so valuable to us. So let's see what we can do here and have some fun in the process!

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